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For my eye color, I like to use the darker and lighter colors. I recommend using different shades of the same shade to see if you can see the difference in color and texture. For this particular review, I tried out many different colors, and also some that are discontinued. Below is a list of the different colors that I tested and have had the best results with. For the products I use, I also had to buy more than one product in order to find the best price. For those products that don't make the list below, I just tried them and found the best price for them. If you want to try out some different eyelash colors, you can try them out at a salon. They might even have a color that is more popular than what you are thinking. If you are looking to get more eyelashes to wear, look at other bloggers (such as Joann's) who make great eye makeup and you can see what their customers are wearing. For a tutorial, see my first post on this blog here.

The Eyelashes are: 1) Covered in Glitters 2) Long, Longer & Harder 3) Covered in Cream 4) More Beautiful than any other eyelashes I've ever tried in my lifetime.

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Idol Lash

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More and more adored talk about Idol Lash and her successes when using Idol Lash. Of course, these ...